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    James Gosling was interviewed, in an informal way, about changes he would make to Java, the future of the language, dev tools, enterprise focus, and his roles. He talks about how he still uses emacs (as he needs generics support), and his work on a semantic modelling tool.

    Some notes on his thoughts / questions:

    What would you change about Java?

    Was class inheritence a good idea? Would a delegation model be better? I wrote assertions from the start, and should have put them in. I wish I spent more time on scientific computing, when it was easier to change.

    Some interesting things to come out of James:

    Will Java be here after 10 years?

    I hope not. Would be nice if the "next thing" is influenced by Java.

    How do you feel about dev tools?

    Big believer. The more stable Java has become, the better tools become.

    Is Java fighting on too many fronts?

    Sun will always care about: enterprise computing, mobile computing, and what makes sense for them at the time. Areas like embedded computing have been taken up by the community.

    Did sun forget about applets

    Yes. Decided to spend more money on the enterprise (for obvious reasons)

    What is your tool of choice?

    Emacs. It is the only tool "dumb enough" to handle generics, which I have been actively using for the last 2 years.

    Is SWING too complicated?

    It lets you do whatever you want, but it is hard to find the "right way" to do something.

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  2. What are generics ?[ Go to top ]

    Emacs. It is the only tool "dumb enough" to handle generics, which I have

    > been actively using for the last 2 years.

    Can somebody tell me what generics are ?
  3. What are generics ?[ Go to top ]

    See JSR14


    They add support to Java for "parameterized types" (something like what you might call templates in C++)

    Better yet, read this article:
  4. Project Jackpot[ Go to top ]


    has anyone more information about Project Jackpot and the work (at Sun or elsewhere) on semantic modelling?

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  6. I think Together (now owned by Borland) does alot of this already and much more.