General J2EE: passing xml as Document or String or Source between layers&jvm

  1. Has anyone advice how i should move xml data (max size about 25kB) between application layers? These are currently located on the same machine in the same JVM, but could be moved to different machine in a later proces if the application is getting more users.

    Shoud i pass these xml between (possible remote) layers as:
    Or something else?
    What is better for performance and scalability reasons?

    TIA & regards
    Henk Meulekamp
  2. Hi Henk,

    If you are concerned with performance and scalability I would point you toward Tangosol's Coherence product. Coherence is a clustered caching/data management solution. It can be leveraged to share data (including XML) synchronously and coherently across multiple applications, clusters or JVMs.

    Rob Misek
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!