EJB design: best free combination of J2EE server and Database

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    hi all,
    i m a newbie in j2ee industry and i would like to ask some question on this topic. since i m now doing a research on the j2ee architecture and ejb design, i would like to ask
    1. what j2ee server and database server would a big enterprise use? and
    2. for developing small business, what j2ee server and database would developer prefer? and also,
    3. to develop a completely free j2ee application, what j2ee server and database combination would current developer choose?
    4. what tools will the developer to use for application testing?
    5. what security API or technique will developer use in setting up a web-based login and data transfer application?
    6. and for the architecture of j2ee & ejb design, does the books published in public reflect the REAL development methodology in a j2ee-based application developing software vendor?

    thx thx thx for any replies
  2. 2. JBoss, MySQL
    3. JBoss, PostgreSQL/MySQL
    4. JUnit with ant
    5. JAAS
    6. plenty of :)
  3. 1. a) WebLogic + Oracle
    1. b) WebSphere + DB2

    ...or any combination of these. There are also some "rising stars", such as Oracle 9iAS, which might gain some footprint in the enterprises.
  4. Hi,
    Even i wud prefer the same mentioned above.

    IBM WebSphere/DB2
    for larger applications

    2.Tomcat Apache Webserver for Non Ejb applications where U can use only small applications with jsp's,java,other than Ejb's.