EJB programming & troubleshooting: Problem with local interfaces in IBM Application Server

  1. Hi,
       I have developed an EJB project in IBM WebSphere Application Developer. The project uses a session bean as an SessionFacade to contact local entity beans deployed on the EJB Server. I have written an Web Client which access the Session Bean(Session Facade) class. I am able to lookup the session bean class but the session bean in turn cant lookup the local entity bean. When I opened the JNDI Explorer in WSAD it deploys remote beans in the ejb folder while it deploys the local EJBs in [Local Bean Folder].
    I can see the local beans deployed on the server but cant figure out a way to access it. Can anybody help.....

    Thanx in advance..
    Chandrashekar B.
  2. Try with "local:ejb/....."