XML & Web services: Is there a ANT task to generate WSDL file ?

  1. Is there an ANT task to generate WSDL file for a Stateless Session Bean or Java Class or JMS Consumer/Producer. If yest, pls describe the attributes with an example.

  2. Weblogic 7.0 has some ant tasks.. they suck ass though..but they will do what you describe above. Search for "webservices ant" in bea's site.
  3. If you are using Apache axis, it includes an ant task to do this. The task (Java2WsdlAntTask.class) is located in the axis-ant.jar. Ive used it for POJO's, not sure if it supports EJB interfaces.

    Check out the axis Users's Guide (http://ws.apache.org/axis/index.html) for documentation on "Java2WSDL: Building WSDL from Java". There is a link to the ant task documentation which describes all the parameters.