EJB design: Problem running weblogic console's monitoring page for long time

  1. Hi All,

    My server is hanging (not responding) after I run it for 6 hours while keep my monitoring page on admin console open for 6 hours. It it a problem with Admin console? How does keeping the admin console performance page running for long time effect the server performance? I am using Weblogic 6.1 Service Pack 4. At peak load only around 10 users will be using my J2EE application.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. Shankar

    how do you know that running weblogic console is causing problems. Do you face issues when you run your application continously for 6 hours without the console.

    That could be a good place to start with.

    Some more random thoughts
    1) are you closing connections properly.. All your code could be freezing because you didnt close connections
    2) what are the threads doing at the time.. Try to get a thread dump
    3) look at the logs generated by the weblogic instance to figure out what is happening..