EJB design: Calling Weblogic 6.1 EJBs from ATG Dynamo 5.1

  1. Calling Weblogic 6.1 EJBs from ATG Dynamo 5.1 (2 messages)

    My project has 2 application servers
    One is weblogic 6.1 J2EE 1.3
    Second is ATG Dynamo 5.1 JDK 1.1.7
    Weblogic components can be called from ATG and vice versa.
    Also Session needs to be maintained between the two.
    I could get the info that ATG does not support EJB.
    Have someone worked on such applications? How can Weblogic EJBs be called from ATG?
  2. Hi Rita,

    I can not say I have worked in such an environment (i.e. Dynamo calling WL EJBs), but to maintain session state you may want to take a look at Coherence which has out-of-the-box Session Replication for most App Servers. TSS actually uses Coherence for caching across App Servers (detailed here).

    Rob Misek
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Cluster your Work. Work your Cluster.
  3. Hi Rita,

    This sounds like your Dynamo app server is just another client of the remote interfaces on your beans. You'll have to maintain the state yourself with methods on the beans. Or am I missing a really big point here?