News: Sun to market the Java brand to 'ordinary people'

  1. Sun Microsystems will spend tens of millions of dollars to emblazon all manner of computing products with a new Java logo. Under the branding campaign, everything from cash registers and microchip-enabled "smart cards" to TV set-top boxes and video recorders will carry the logo. The campaign is geared to convince ordinary people of Java's value.

    Read Sun seeks widespread java brand.

    I think this is great news as the more awareness and hype there is around Java, the more job security we will all have.
  2. As more ordinary people get to know about Java, maybe eventually my title of Java developer will help me get women at the club.
  3. As more ordinary people get to know about Java, maybe eventually my title of Java developer will help me get women at the club.

    sun certified = sex simbol
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    Geoff, that was the most funny n modest thing i heard for sometime now. I totally agree. Good show, take care.

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    Living in San Francisco during the dot com boom women just cared about the size of your income, so as a 6 figure architect that was not a problem. For a while geek was cool.

    On a more serious note I just stepped out of the Keynote address at JavaOne. They launched www.java.com and www.java.net and a new logo. When you see the new logo just think how much they must have paid for it.

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    Well, java.com has gotten off to a great start by featuring Christina! ;-)
  7. If the Java logo / branding effort gets the word out to consumers that products powered by Java "simply work" and "work simply" (interoperability, easy expansion without obsolescence, etc.) then this is great news.

    Most consumers out there won't care what Java IS but what it DOES. For example, being able to upload new effects to your digital camera running Java (any brand camera, any effect, from any site) would be really cool... That's something multiple vendors can market to consumers (Sun, the camera makers, the effect writers, the websites selling the effects.)

    This push can only be a good thing for us Java folks. Java has become a defacto standard within the technology sector, its doing good with the mobile phone market, now its time for the consumer market...
  8. Sun has been neglecting Java on the marketing front for some time. Maybe now that their other server business is collapsing they will realize that Java IS the future of the company. Servers are commodity good these days.
  9. So instead of "We're the . in Dot-Com[sm]" it is going to be "We're the cup in Java-Coffee[sm]" now?!? ;-)
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