Performance and scalability: Embedded databses hsqldb vs McKoi vs Clouscape vs Pointbase

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to figure out what database to used as embedded databse for my applcation which uses Jboss 3x. Currently I am using HSQLDB 1.7x but I am concerned about scalability and data consistency later on when the application has been running for over a year ! ( I want to use an embedded database as its so much simpler than teaching a user how to hook up the jdbc to use with his flavor of database).

    Any suggestions ?
  2. JDataStore in the mix[ Go to top ]


    You could take a look at JDataStore - a high-performance embedded database written in Java.

    We've run the SPECjAppServer benchmark on this database; which should attest to its performance and scalability even when handling huge amounts of data.

  3. Try QED. www.quadcap.com. It's cheap and performance is good.