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    As I am sure you know, JavaOne kicked off this morning. TheServerSide will be offering day by day coverage, giving you the juicy info that you want to hear. This information will show up the morning after the night before :) If you are at the conference, please post to this thread anything that you find interesting yourself.

    Todays Keynote

    Java is to be everywhere. That was one of the key points Sun is trying to get across. Here is some info:

    Pushing the Sun Brand:

      Two new websites to look at are http://www.java.com and http://www.java.net. Check out the new logo! To me it looks basically the same, but it probably cost a bomb! The reason for the new logo is that the old one was awful when shrunk (or on small devices). That is probably all :)

    Java.Net is not microsoft's J# :) It is a portal for developers. Java.com is for "consumers". That means John Doe... as *everyone* will be using Java. (If you like Christina Aguillera go there).

    Showing off tools:

      Different vendors came up on stage to show off their tools. Oracle showed JDeveloper playing with JavaServer Faces, Borland showed the integration of their product family (JBuilder + Together + StarTeam + CaliberRM + OptimizeIt!), and Vodofone showed David Beckham commercials.

    Gosling was writing code while this was going on :)

    We will add detailed info on Day One tomorrow morning, and every morning after that.

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    Also check out javablogs.com for more JavaOne updates from bloggers (including myself) at the conference. :-)

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    Matt Raible is keeping a list of folks blogging from JavaOne:

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    When I access www.java.com this shows up in the browser's URL box:

    Leave it to Sun to a task every 8 yr. old can perform nowadays and screw it up :)

  5. Hi,

      I've written up a story in the XUL News Wire about Amy Fowler's pinkpaper titled "Java Desktop Network Components (JDNC): Boosting Interactivity and Productivity at the Same Time" outlining Sun's new XUL (XML UI) strategy.

      Full story at http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.xul.announce/29
  6. Thanks for the link. XUL should really kick into high gear if they can do that. I wasn't sure which "thicker" client-side tech to start trying to learn.
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    I posted my impressions on day one on my blog. Feel free to comment here, though.


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    Java.net is down, hard. Too bad, looked pretty cool.

    Sun's got the momentum, though. By JavaOne 2008, Java will be capable of running high-traffic websites!

    (Wow, Rolfing can be fun...)
  9. I see the Javapedia section of Java.Net runs using the Lynton Research), but perhaps they could have used one of the many Java Wiki Engines out there?

    Cheers Nigel
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    I posted my impressions on day one on my blog. Feel free to comment here, though.



    If you happen to attend Ted Neward's Is Webservices == CORBA? talk around 4PM on 12th, can you let us know your impressions. It seems like a very interesting topic.

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    If you happen to attend Ted Neward's Is Webservices == CORBA? talk around 4PM on 12th, can you let us know your impressions. It seems like a very interesting topic.

    I am afraid I'll be on duty at the BEA booth then, sorry about that (I would have loved to attend Ted's presentation).

    If you'll be around Wednesday between 4:30 and 7, stop by at the BEA booth to say hi!

    back from the Borland party... whewf!
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    Looks like freeroller.net is down. Way to go Cedric!
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    Is it true attendance is that much down? With only 5,000 (according to Cedric's weblog) Moscone must be pretty empty this year.
  14. attendance[ Go to top ]

    According to several people here, it's not as big as last year, maybe 1 or 2 thousand less. It's hard to tell of course.

    The keynotes should give a pretty good relative idea of how many people may be here, give or take. I'll try to estimate a count of the seats later today.


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
  15. Attendence = 8000 est.[ Go to top ]

    The General Session on Tuesday was pretty packed. It looked like most seats were taken, with overflow rooms used too. I counted approx. 8000 seats in the main hall. In my opinion, attendence figures don't really count that much anymore. Java is getting mature and the real work is happening in enterprise software shops.

    -Frank Cohen
    TestMaker 4.0 now shipping
  16. Scripting[ Go to top ]

    I'm bugged by the lack of support for Jython at Sun.

    Well, if it's any comfort, Ted O'Reilly went on stage this morning at the keynote and touted scripting languages. However, Sun seems to be standardizing on PHP, not Python.

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    Even if Sun was standardizing on PHP for web scripting, Jython would still be valuable. Basically Jython can act as an interactive Java shell, and as far as I know php doesn't really do that.

  18. We all know that economy has left its mark on Java one also. So lets not try to hide that fact and accept it gracefully that java one crowd is less this year.
       But we have to also note that in previous years it was most of the STUPID dot coms with a lot of yoyoys and pens and paper weights and other shi* given more importance than the core products they sold.
        This year its all the fittest surviving people in the Java world and they are here to stay. So i think its good that some of the stupids dont show up in Java one and there is some quality work going out there.
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    James Gosling web log

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    I'm bugged by the lack of support for Jython at Sun. To thier credit Sun did mention Jython when talking about JSR-223 (Java support for Scripting Languages) and scheduled a birds-of-a-feather session here at JavaOne. However, Jython was slighted too: The BOF started at 11:20 pm, and in the general session on Tuesday Tim O'Reilly messed up and said Jython is a good combination of Pearl and Java. He meant to say Python and Java.

    Sun seems to be missing-the-boat on what Jython really brings to Java: IT'S THE BYTE-CODES STUPID! Jython compiles into Java byte-codes and runs natively on the Java VM. To a Java developer that means full access to all of Python's objects and also to all of Java's objects. Sun should throw away JSR-223 and start again. They should start by writing a specification that lets all scripting languages compile to Java byte-codes. That would be progress.

    -Frank Cohen
    TestMaker 4.0 now includes a test script recorder
  21. JavaOne, day two[ Go to top ]

    I posted a short summary of day two at


  22. Hi,

      I've written up a story in the Java Web Start News Wire about Sun's new deal with Dell and HP - the #1 and
    #2 PC makers (at least in the US) - about shipping Sun's latest Java runtime pre-installed on all their desktop and notebook PCs starting this fall.

      Full story at http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.java.jnlp.announce/9