News: Tech Talk with Mark Hapner on J2EE Standards, What's new in 1.4

  1. Mark Hapner looks at how new standards are crafted through the JCP, discusses how developers are being given more ownership in the evolution of J2EE and how the community is leveraging open source projects to evolve standards. Mark also looks at J2EE 1.4, how Web services authoring will be empowered by the new platform, and discusses the challenges J2EE faces moving foward.

    Watch Mark Hapner's Interview on J2EE Standards and Evolving the Platform

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  2. Text transcription[ Go to top ]

    Is the transcription of the interview available somewhere ?
  3. Text transcription[ Go to top ]


    Next to each question, there is a 'Text' link which displays the answer to each question. This is perhaps not as user-friendly as it could be but we are working on a new Tech Talk UI which will include the entire interview in text format.

    Thanks for bearing with us. :)

  4. Lame Interview Layout[ Go to top ]

    Yes, the interview is incredibly hard to read. Not only are the answers not inline with the questions but why does it need to open in a separate browser window? And why is this window not resizable? If it was resizable perhaps I could make it where I wouldn't have to scroll. And why do I need to use two scrollbars to read an interview? This layout is just bizarre. It's like someone asked, "How can we make reading interviews as difficult as possible?"
  5. Lame Interview Layout[ Go to top ]

    This layout is just bizarre. It's like someone asked, "How can we make reading

    > interviews as difficult as possible?"

    Now now, be kind.

    My guess is that the developers who wrote the TheServerSide designed it in the simplest (for the developer) most maintainable way that is at least usable by users. Remember that TheServerSide doesn't *have* to provide interviews, much less text, much less interviews without paid subscription. So it's not unexpected that they would choose the easy way (for them) over the better way (for the user).

    Now that interviews have been out for a while, making improvements like the ones you suggest should be relatively easy.

    Although I don't like the current interview layout either (and agree with your improvements), I don't think it's as difficult as possible (I've seen far more difficult layouts -- especially if you add advertisement). I for one, thank TheServerSide for what it's provided and am happy to see they are open to suggestions.
  6. Content not Format[ Go to top ]

    Many thanks to TheServerSide and Mark for an informative sumary of 1.4
    in the Video. Very useful to me in an Educational context.

    Trevor Shaw