TSS feedback: Anyone recommend a good third party search engine?

  1. Hey everyone,

       In our never ending quest to make TheServerSide.com better, our next step is to get a search feature. The quickest and easiest way is to get a thirdparty search engine that will basically spider the whole site and thus provide search functionality by refering to its own database of whats on every page.

       Can anyone recommend a good product?

    thanks for helping to improve TheServerSide.com!

  2. Hi Floyd
         How about InfoSpace??
  3. The altavista engine is supposedly kickin'. And the SDK is supposed to be good too.

  4. atomz.com and searchbutton.com provide supposedly good remote hosted search. I've used atomz and can vouch for it. I think that it's also used by webmonkey.

    Somewhere like www.searchtools.com is a great starting point for search tool slection

  5. ww.JObjects.com is the good one