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    Dear brothers i need a great favour from you guys actually the requirement is like that our company got a one client who have his serveral outlets of Pharmacy, in the city and out some outside the city now he want solution that he can be able to monitor inventory levels and accounts of different outlets from one place, my boss is not very much technical he always consult with me or one other guy who is working in Visual Basic, as soon as i come to know about this requirement i am sure that this is 100% J2EE and EJB's solution and i need to convince my Boss, but the problem is that i don't no that how this system will work by using EJB's cause i have never gothrough requirement such like that.

    I need to know that how EJB solution is implemented in this situation and also about DB is DB need to centerlized or distributed and if distributed then there is lot of other issues like not every time data available from the central location untill replicate.

    this is my request to all of you guy's that please give me some information regarding this specially DB issue and about its network infrastructure and how EJB's will work.

    I have command over Java and related tech i-e Servlets,Jsp and Struts Frame work but EJB is a new for me.

    Thank for your time and suggestion in advance.

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  2. Hello Raheel,

    Going with one technology versus other depends on the type of project, demands, skills and implementation risks. In your case, where various clients access a central location, J2EE's component based technology would be a good solution but dont forget that if you havent worked with EJBs earlier, there is a good amount of learning curve involved with it. EJBs are the buzz word in the industry right now but there are many companies who couldnt get it implemented properly either due to bad architecture or design. You could as well implement the same thing using JSP, Servlets and Java Beans if yours is a medium to low profile project which would minimize your risks.

    My advise to you would be to first evaluate your needs carefully - time and money you could spend, the amount of scalability and concurrent users at any point of time and the risks you can take. If I were you, I would suggest that you take up a simple functionality and spend some time on prototyping it using J2EE technologies and other competitors. Believe me, this would be time worth spending before taking a decision. You can always use the open source tools for this kind of testing.

    I am not againgst Java or any technology - I love working with Java and have been working with J2EE related technologies for the past 3 years but have seen very few companies using this technology successfully...So, evaluate your needs carefully before taking the plunge....

    Good luck with your project....Hope this helped.

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    Dear Sonu first of all thank you very much for your advice i really very appreciate it thank you once again.

    I admit that this solution can be made by using Java Servlets and Jsps and i am sure that this can easily done with out any risks. now Sonu the thing in my mind is that i want to learn and implement a solution in EJB's as i think that this is the best open source solution we have had like combination of Ejb's, Jboss and mysql all open source may be i am wrong with my point of views.

    ok now i need to ask some thing that will be a great favour from you that is to give me some help with this solution which i currently facing where outlets need to connect from centerlized location tell me is there any better solution rather then centerlized computing.

    the other thing i need to ask that what about distributed computing, and the other thing that you ask in your last message that "evalutate your needs" i am not very clear with this that how to evaluate that either this is a J2EE project or not i need you to please explain it in 2 lines.

    the last thing i need to ask that how to prototype the functionality with EJB and compiteter technology and evalute after that.

    this will be the great help from you and i will really appriciate this as i am hard working guy but need assistance so i can move into it.

    I hope you will come with some helping material for me and thank you very much once again for your time.

    take care...
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    "is there any better solution rather then centerlized computing." -- Centralized computing saves you time and money in maintaining the databases and the app servers from one place rather than having a server or database at every location. At the same time, centralized computing depends on the network speed and dependability (usually companies have dedicated T1 lines to their servers), the app server up time and maintenance.....

    "i am not very clear with this that how to evaluate that either this is a J2EE project or not i need you to please explain it in 2 lines." --
    Take a simple function and implement that functionality completely using J2EE and other technologies (for example, .NET) - then compare and see how difficult it was to develop the application in both languages, how the performance is on both and how much effort went into both...

    "how to prototype the functionality with EJB and compiteter technology and evalute after that." --
    As I mentioned earlier, protyping is just taking up one functionality out of the complete functionality (several functions) from the application you finally want to develop...Read any of Martin Fowler's books on UML and they would give you the general methods to go about planning for prototyping....

    Good luck....

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    Hi Thank you very much for your great help, i will contact you if i feel that your help is require again :o) till then thank you once again, take care..

    with best regards...Raheel