General J2EE: Entity Bean - Using JNDI Could not connect to data base !

  1. Dear friends,
    I m using J2EE1.3 SUN Server with its own Deployment tool.
    My code can pick up JNDI name.
    But it is saying, It can not locate proper driver. I m using TYPE 4 Oracle driver (classes12.jar) and my tables are at database server.

    Please tell me where to put my driver jar file in the path (it is already set in the classpath) so that server can find proper Driver ?
    Should i provide server IP address in the connect string ? Please answer.

    - Dharmin
  2. Dharmin:

      I guess we will need more information so as to pinpoint the problem you are facing. may be later we will be able to help you.
  3. Just for the starters

    1. put your classes12.jar in your application classes\lib folder.