News: New Version of CocoBase O/R includes "Sessionless Persistence"

  1. CocoBase Enterprise O/R 4.5 Service Release 4 was announced today and now features "Sessionless Persistence", whiich allows you to work on an object model offline (without a live database connection) and have it synchronize upon reconnect. Other features include expanded EJBQL abilities, full Unicode support and new auto-validating between object model and DB mappings.

    Check out Cocobase.

    From th press release:
    Sessionless "Offline Application" Data Persistence -- This helps to simplify web application development for applications that are used in offline environments like a web browser. It provides the ability to have an application reconnect to the persistence layer and call up the information from the previous connection (i.e. reset the session state). The persistence layer will then automatically reconcile any changes to the object model and related data and save them with the appropriate database commands. This provides required data integrity and optimistic locking for offline environments, even when complex object models are used, greatly simplifying development of these applications.

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    Once gain playing catch-up with Hibernate?
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    Hibernate is great! I'm learning how to use it.
    But does it offer Sessionless "Offline Application" Data Persistence as Cocobase?
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    It's hard to say how "equivalent" the functionality is (based on this press release) but here's docs on hibernates similar functionality (with session reconnects):

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    I think I see another flame war coming on... :-|

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    Cameron !!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
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    Heh, heh. Funny! BTW Cameron, liked the bit about the .Net blogs.

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    That was brilliant. ;-)
  10. I'm using Hibernate and it works pretty good. Having not used CocoBase I don't know what the main advantages are, but it seems a bit pricey to me so I hope there are more than just a few.