General J2EE: How to create a xmi file for the websphere with a Notepad ?

  1. We know that if we want to use the WebSphere , we should use the WSAD . But now my machine has not enough resource to use WSAD . I only want to use Notepad or Jbuild to study the WebSphere.

    Now I'm studing the sample in the WAS5.0 . I found there were many files that like *.xmi . And according by the infocenter , I known these files perserved all the useful and important info , like the JNDI properties ...etc . And also these file are auto-created by the WSAD+WAS intergration .

    I had no any WSAD . And I have no money to get the enough resource . But I want to study the WAS very much . Would you please tell me a way to write some programs that not need the *.xmi ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Visit the Websphere 5.0.2 InfoCenter

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    Use the Application Assembly Tool to put together a WAR or EAR. I think it will generate those for you.