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    Thought readers of this forum would be interested in what I beleive is the easiest, most flexible way of generating dynamic XML and HTML.

    It is called the FormattedDataSet. It is an open source project available at http://www.fdsapi.com

    The following simple code will render the query as an HTML Table and XML respectively. Developers have full control on the text that is generated. For more info go to http://www.fdsapi.com

    FormattedDataSet fds=FormattedDataSet.createInstance();
    String html=fds.getFormattedDataSet("select * from employees", "htmlTable");
    String xml=fds.getFormattedDataSet("select * from employees", "xml");
  2. Thought you guys would be interested in this.

    I have just added a live demo page that allows you to type in a query and have the results returned as an HTML table with Sortable/clickable column headers. You can just hit submit when the default query comes up or you can enter your own query.

    The demo is at http://www.ssouza.com/fdsapi/sortdemo.jsp

    steve - http://www.fdsapi.com - the easiest way to generate dynamic xml and html.