News: Now you can deploy PetStore on Apache Geronimo

  1. Now you can deploy PetStore on Apache Geronimo (7 messages)

    At the latest ApacheCon, the Geronimo application server team programmed as a group at the bar. The aim: to be able to show PetStore deployed in the container.... and they did it. Now they have reached the milestone where mere mortals like us can watch yet another Petstore.

    I also enjoyed the following quote from the docs: "whom ever wrote petstore should be hunted down..."

    View the information on deploying PetStore on Geronimo:

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    "whom ever wrote petstore should be hunted down...".

    ...should be praised for writing the best solution to performing the backend logic using a session bean to use a serialized Object Value that send data to/from the ejb tier . Recently I made Petstore WAF(modified) to work with struts and it looks to me the best ejb solution. Using only one Session Bean and reflection, managed to create a very suitable framework for Portals and Enterprize applications
  3. Petstore, Adventure Builder, J2EE[ Go to top ]

    Does Adventure Builder run in Geronimo?

  4. "whom ever wrote petstore should be hunted down..."

    "Whoever" wrote PetStore. It was written for "whomever."
  5. Who(m)ever[ Go to top ]

    See: http://www.protrainco.com/info/essays/pronouns.htm

    If the pronoun is the subject of its own clause, it takes the subjective case (who, whoever).

    If the pronoun is the object in its own clause, it takes the objective case (whom, whomever).

  6. Who(m)ever[ Go to top ]

    yeah, whatever!
  7. Has anyone tried it?[ Go to top ]

    Until we can get the "Spille Report" on all the gory details ... has anyone tried this PetStore on Geronimo? Any comments? How close is Geronimo looking to a full J2EE implementation?


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