General J2EE: How to send text messages from Java to cell phones??

  1. Is there any method for sending plain text messages to a cell phone using any of the Java APIs?

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    The simplest way to do this is to send an email to the subscriber.

    Ex: 2025555555 at mobile dot att dot net

    This, of course, requires you to know the email suffix for all of the potential carriers you plan on SMS'ing.

    The "real" way to do this is to use a custom API to connect to the carrier's SMS Center and send the message. This, however, requires permission and access on behalf of the carrier.

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    That's so damn easy! I never knew you can do that! I just tested it on my AT&T phone and it worked!


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    can u send files like midi files for ringtones and stuff?
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    No, SMS doesn't support file attachment.