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    Is there a way to find the size of the request / response payload in a servlet environment?
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    Size your servlet is generating the response, you have to figure how big it is yourself (cache the result in a String or byte array, and check the size).
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    See for example Billing filter in JSOS
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    Thanks for the response. Just as a background, we've deployed a primarily serlvet based system and the production system owners have complained about the network traffic between the individual clients and the application server. The users are accessing this site from across the globe. The sys admins have determined (using perf monitor in exceed) that each client-to-server conversation is around 5MB, which is too much considering the number of fields on the screens (around 5 to 10 fields in each page with a couple of drop-downs containing around 100 to 150 rows).

    We, as developers, do not have access to these production boxes and thought we could deploy a small utility on each of tbese pages to show the request and response sizes to make sure the code built by us does not move this high quantity of data. This is done as a first step and we will surely know soon about the request / response sizes.

    Has anyone been involved in this kind of a problem? If so, what components (both application and network) should be looked at to understand and fix this issue?