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  1. saving web session information (the best way???) (2 messages)


    How do you save the general info for the session?

    I think, its not a ggod way going to the database each time one user request one "dinamic page"

    Do you put so much information in the session?

    I am building some page that can be customized (like a portal)

    Not so many users...not at the same time

    Is there anybody using the new "disconnected" resultsets in the web???

    Thank you

  2. Write the information in xml file.
  3. HttpSession or Cookies[ Go to top ]

    To store ur session u may use one of two options named
     1. HttpSession
      2. Cookies.

      1.HttpSession: is used to store the session information of client on the serverside itself and when the client has made a request the server will make a knowledge of the privious session of the client and hence proceed.
      But it will cause the server heavy burden and processing will be slow since it needs to remember all the clients information

      2.Cookies: using cookies is the best option and this is the bunch of information which is stored in the client side it self. and when a client made a request the server will chech a Cookie which is kept by the server it self at clent side and it will aware ofthe client session through that

      Any way using the above options will be depend up on the application