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    Eugene Kuleshov has been using ASM to take a peek at the bytecode in rt.jar to learn what is going on. His first statistics charted the various opcodes used in the runtime.

    Then he looked at exceptions, and charted the number of checked exceptions that methods in the runtime have. One of them declares eleven!

    The good news is that the majority declare 0 or 1.

    Is there anything that you would like to know?

    Read: Some statistics on Java bytecode: Exceptions, and Some statistics on Java bytecode: op codes
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    Please visit again. This series is to be continued with more reports...
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    A serious statistical study analysis of various properties of Java classes appeared in Tal Cohen and Joseph (Yossi) Gil, "Self-Calibration of Metrics of Java Methods", in Proceedings of Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems 37 (TOOLS Pacific 2000).
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    absolutely fascinating: NOT!!!