EJB design: Business Delegate and removal of session beans

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    Hi all,
    I followed the code example of Business Delegate pattern
    as described in java.sun.com site.

    Everything is well, but I have only a doubt:
    in Business Delegate's constructor the Business Delegate object
    create the session bean reference that it will use.

    I don't see any call to session.remove() method.

    Is it a forgetfulness or there is no real need to call the remove method ?
    May developers rely on the Application Server for bean's removal ?
    (removal for Stateful or pooling for Stateless)

    Many thanks in advance
  2. The remove() method generally has no effect for Stateless Session EJB, because of the way pooling works. This is probably why the pattern omits that call.

    If you need to write a Business Delegate for a Stateful Session Bean, modify the pattern to support removal.