EJB programming & troubleshooting: Best reason for a nullpointerexception???

  1. Best reason for a nullpointerexception??? (2 messages)

    i'm getting a NullPointerException. When i debbug, i get till a method that returns a object ( for example "return obj;"). At this point of execution everything seems ok, and if i take a look at the value of the obj, it has what i want.
    Then when i press F6 in eclipse (step over) and get to the next line of code of the method that called the other method, i already have a nullpointerexception!

    So, i have no clue what could be happening.
    Can anyone help me out?


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  2. It's Null...[ Go to top ]

    What else do you need to know? :-P
  3. It's Null...[ Go to top ]

    That`s the point! Cauyse when i watched the value of the object one line before the return line, and it had what i wanted.

    //... manipulating object myObj
    //... at this point i verify the value of myObj (in watches window) and it`s ok, then i return it
    return myObj