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  1. Can I increase the default JSP Buffer Size? (3 messages)

    Is it possible to increase the default JSP buffer size from 8k in Weblogic 7.0SP2.

    We're hitting a problem with the buffer being flushed before we'd expect it and want a quick and dirty solution initially.

    We can then investigate it fully once we fixed the failures.

    Richard Kenyon

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  2. You can ad in the page directive the attribute "buffer" like this:
    <%@ page buffer="64kb" ... %>

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    I did have a buffer size problem, and I used a line like this to replace them.

    /usr/bin/perl -pi -e 's|buffer="64kb"|buffer="4096kb"|g' `find . -type f -name '*.jsp'`
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    Thanks. Reading my post again, I didn't give all the information :-)

    I realise I can change each page manually using the page directive, but I was after a quick and dirty global fix that changed the buffer size for all JSP's.

    I've since spoken with BEA, and it turns out that this is not possible.

    Anyway, it turns out it wasn't the buffer size after all :-)

    Richard Kenyon