XML & Web services: jax-rpc + call.invoke + without parameters

  1. jax-rpc + call.invoke + without parameters (1 messages)

    I would like to invoke a webservice which exposes a operation which does'nt take any parameters(child elements), all it expects is a text value.
    <myoperation xmlns="..>Value</myoperation>

    how ever , if i use call.invoke and pass this 'Value' in parameters it is showing up as .
    <myoperation><arg0> Value </arg0> </myoperation> which is something i dont want.

    Could someone please help me on how to achieve this.

    Thanks a ton in advance
  2. soab body must contain element[ Go to top ]

    either it's an operation element containing argument elements (rpc/literal) or it's an element referred from wsdl message part (doc/literal). Other representations are not valid.