Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Where to put DTD files, accessible by all tiers

  1. I'm having a problem figuring out where to put my DTD Files for custom XML files we're defining. THese DTD files:

    1) Must be versiond in cvs and deployed in the ear whenever we deploy the app just like the rest of the codebase

    2) Be accessible from the web tier as well

    3) Be accessible from within an MDB.

    For example, we have a xml file called "NewOrder" and it validates against "NewOrder.dtd" I may parse the NewOrder.xml file from any tier, and it needs to be able to locate that dtd, preferably as a local dtd.

    Anyone else had to do this? Thanks
  2. not in all sections of the forums :-)
  3. I did that because this question crosses many of them. I didn't post it in all of them. And if you have nothing positive to add, please don't respond.