EJB programming & troubleshooting: How to use Entity bean even if the database is down?

  1. Hi
    I want to design an application which runs 24 x 7.
    But the problem is the DB2 database I am using which will not be available on sunday.
    Is it possible to use by read only Entity bean or any other technology to make my application runs 24 x 7 even if the database is down. If so how?

    with regards
  2. The only idea way I can think of making this work is with replicated databases. You would need to copy all the data in your normal database. This is going to be a big headache, though.

    If you application is write-only (no reads), things get simpler. You can just cache the updates in a local database on Sunday, and replicate them into the production database when it comes up on Monday.
  3. thank you