XML & Web services: Passing List or Hashmap to webservices

  1. Passing List or Hashmap to webservices (2 messages)

    I need to pass the Hashmap and List as parameter to an EJB which is published as an webservice.
    I tried with passing string as an parameter and succeed with it, but i don't know how to pass the List as an parameter.
    Can any one help me to resolve this.

  2. Check out this article:

    The HashMap is represented as a sequence of complex types with two elements of anyType - one for the key and one for the value.
  3. Thanks for the reply John Harby

    Hai I am using SAAJ api to create SOAP message and i need to add java.util.List as an parameter to it.
    I am using weblogic 7 and glue to call websevices