Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Replicating the change in Object to all the Servers in Cluster

  1. All,

           We have a four servers in our Cluster environment.Now at the Start of the Weblogic servers , we store the data(OBJECTS) from DOMAIN tables in cache.Now we have utility in our application which can update the domain data and so we update the data in the cache.Now the issue is when i update the data in the Cache, it only updates to one server where the request went.So i have to send request to each server in cluster to update the data on each server.

                    I need your expertise,suggestions to refresh the data in each servers MBEANS,JMS ...???
  2. Hi Mandeep,

    This would be easy to implement using Coherence's Replicated Cache. It is as easy to use as a Map and will handle all the clustering transparently. You can even maintain the concurrency of the data using cluster-wide locks.

    Rob Misek
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  3. Try the GreenTea package: http://www.GreenTeaTech.com. It provides an intelligent mobile agent-based clustering solution for object replication, redundancy, fault-tolerance, etc.