News: Model-driven development with the Eclipse Modeling Framework

  1. IBM have posted the first in a series of articles on model driven development using the Eclipse platform.
    The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is an open source framework for developing model-driven applications. It creates Java¬ô code for graphically editing, manipulating, reading, and serializing data based on a model specified in XML Schema, UML, or annotated Java. EMF is the basis for many of the tools within IBM® WebSphere® Studio and Eclipse projects. This article will step you through the process of creating a model, generating code, using the generated applications, and customizing the editor.
    Model-driven development with the Eclipse Modeling Framework, Part 1

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  2. EMF or XDE?[ Go to top ]

    With IBM pushing both EMF and XDE where is the overlap and how will they manage it?
  3. They do not overlap[ Go to top ]

    EMF is a mechanism to allow multiple representations of the same thing. XDE is a modeling tool. For example, EMF can be the mechaism used to keep an XDE class diagram and Java Class File in sync. XDE is built on Eclipse and make use of the EMF framework.
  4. Re:They do not overlap[ Go to top ]

    Thank you
  5. EMF[ Go to top ]

    EMF documentation

    EMF presentation from EclipseCon 2004
  6. Compare with MDR NetBeans[ Go to top ]

    Hi all,

    can someone tell me what is the different of EMF with MDR? I think the target is the same (you can see a similar example at the NetBeans site: http://mdr.netbeans.org). MDR already supports JMI/XMI. Does EMF support JMI/XMI? If yes, what kind of version does it support? If also yes, can I use EMF to work with UML XMI files from e.g. PoseidonUML just like using MDR?

    Another point:
    The idea of using XML Schema or annotated Java as sources is maybe interesting but I cannot see any practical use of them. In "normal" situation you will take the UML way because it is just easier to understand, because of the UML diagram representation.

  7. Compare with MDR NetBeans[ Go to top ]

    Hi all,can someone tell me what is the different of EMF with MDR?
    JMI support may be an issue. For me the difference between the two is that only EMF generates a working application. So MDR lacks model execution. EMF now takes the lead, IMHO.
  8. EMF book: