General J2EE: It´s posible to send a ServletContext from JSP to a java class

  1. I have a java class which get an object reading a xml file, my problem is that i recieve a error message when i try to instantiate the class sending an argument from a jsp, i tried sending PageContext, request and session and i´ve got the same error (Java ServletException init the class).

    I need the ServletContext in order to get the resource of the xml file. If anybody can help me, i´ll appreciate suggestions.
  2. In a JSP, the ServletContext is stored in the implicit "application" object. If you must pass the ServletContext (because that is the way the class is written), then pass the "application" object.

    A better way to do this would be to pass the data required by the class rather than the ServletContext itself.

    // Create DataLoader object:
    DataLoader loader = new DataLoader();
    // Load data from the ServletContext path:
    java.net.URL resource = application.getResouce("my.xml");
    Object result = loader.load(resource);