General J2EE: How to pass java object back to Server through request

  1. I am passing a resultset to JSP from Server through request object. The resultset is populated with 500 records. I am implementing Page Navigation using JSTL tag library. Now, when I move from page to page, I want to pass the resultset java object back to server so that I don't have to repopulate it. I don't want to store it in session since it is a SearchResults Page and user may change search parameter do query several times.

    How do I do it ?
    How can I do it using JSTL tags ??
  2. Once the JSP page is finished, control is passed to the browser and the request object is deleted. There is no way to "pass" the object from the browser to the server, since the browser is a non-Java environment.

    The best thing to do is:

    1) Cache the results in the session.
    2) Also cache the request/query parameters in the session.
    3) Refresh the cached results if the parameters change.