XML & Web services: Using JAX-RPC in a WebStart application

  1. Using JAX-RPC in a WebStart application (2 messages)

    I built a WebStart application that connects to a web service with JAX-RPC static stubs.

    It works great!

    The key steps were:

    0) generating the static stubs
    1) packaging the JAX-RPC runtime jars
       and static stubs with my application code
    2) declaring the JAX-RPC runtime jars in a JNLP file

    The list of JAX-RPC JAR's is found here:



  2. Your link is broken, Sean.

    Sounds like an interesting application, though. I am envious (currently stuck in XML/XSL/JavaScript sludge).
  3. Whoops! I take back what I said.

    The link works, it was just "https" for some reason. My proxy at work blocks https connections.