Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: How Validation of nested Form will be done in Validatorframework

  1. hi all,

      It is urgent for me to make validations of a form which is nested in another form using Validator Frame work..
    I am able to do the validations of the outer form but not interior... howww.should I make it...

     Please any body help me urgentt....


    Thanx in advance
  2. Nested forms are a violation of the HTML specs. Any validation you do with nested forms is going to be an ugly hack.

    The correct solution is to reorganize your page so that your forms are no longer nested.
  3. Do you know what a Struts ActionForm is? He is not talking about nested HTML <form>. He is talking about nesting one Struts Actionform bean inside another.
  4. Exactly...

    I had tried for it... and I got it

    We can get it as we are using nested properties for a form

    like form1.form2.property

    I completed the work.

    Thanx and Regards,
  5. Can you share your solution?[ Go to top ]

    I am facing the same problem. Search on the Struts user mailing list did not give me anything useful. Can you share some code? Thanks very much.
  6. Can you share your solution?[ Go to top ]

    U can easyly do it.

    In jsp we will call the property of nested been as follows..

    <bean:write property="form1.form2.property"/>

    in the similar way....
    in validation.xml

    <form name="form1">
      <field property="form2.property" depends="required">

    it will work..

    Thanx and Regards
  7. Can you share your solution?[ Go to top ]

    Thanks. Is your nested form also an indexed property?