News: Apple extends RendezVous, and the Tigers combine

  1. Apple has extended RendezVous to be callable from Java, as well as supporting Windows, and POSIX platforms. RendezVous is build on the ZeroConf standard itself, and can be very useful in the Java realm. Apple also announced that their operating system code-named Tiger has our Tiger (Java 5) installed.

    Why didn't they do some joint marketing of the Tigers with the shows being next door? :)
    This preview release includes full link-local support, allowing Windows machines to discover advertised HTTP and FTP servers using Internet Explorer. It also includes a printer setup wizard which allows Windows machines to print to Rendezvous networked printers, including USB shared printers connected to the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express Base Stations. With the included Rendezvous SDK, Windows and Java developers can begin the process of adding Rendezvous service discovery to their applications
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  2. ugly typo... RendezVous?[ Go to top ]

    it's called Rendezvous, not Rendez-Vous.
  3. Jini??[ Go to top ]

    I'm not an expert, but this tecnology seems a lot like Jini, isn't it??
  4. Re: Jini??[ Go to top ]

    That was my thought, exactly. Sadly, I'm not a Jini expert, either, so I can't really answer your question. I'll be interested in the comments of someone more familiar with Jini, though.
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    I'm not an expert, but this tecnology seems a lot like Jini, isn't it??
    No. Rendezvous/Zeroconf are purely for service discovey and are platform independent. They are very simple and based on existing technologies. Jini on the other hand specifies service implementation types, leasing, how to provide interfaces, etc. The main thing they have in common is autodiscovery.