Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: how many apps could tomcat manage?

  1. how many apps could tomcat manage? (5 messages)

    how many apps could tomcat manage?
    thank you.

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  2. six.
  3. Are you sure?
    How could I deploy more than 6 apps?
  4. Depends on Memory[ Go to top ]


        Tomcat can handle more than 6! WebApps... for sure.

        How many apps you want to deploy? Anyway?

        I only depends on your server's memory / Disk Space / and Request Load.

        But.. surely you can have... more than six(6)... 50+ easily!. If you need more... you can try load balancing!, or cluster!.
  5. Oh, you can do more than six. But the question was 'how many apps COULD tomcat manage?'. It COULD manage six apps. It could also manage one, two, twelve, fifty...

  6. Ufff... you really got me!.[ Go to top ]

    don't really know...