News: New Product Listing from JavaOne 2004

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    TheServerSide has posted the new product listing from JavaOne 2004 which lists the latest products from vendors in the J2EE space that were exhibiting on the show floor, such as M7's NitroX for Struts, Compuware's OptimalJ 3.2, Gigaspaces, etc. The listing provides brief, hype-free descriptions of each vendor's product and what it does.

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  2. URls[ Go to top ]

    If you could provide URLs to the vendor site, that will be great.

  3. Where is Compuware?[ Go to top ]

    OptimalJ is supposed to be the leading MDA tool for the next generation of IDEs. Weren't they there demoing the 3.2 release of the product?
  4. IntelliJ IDEA[ Go to top ]

    Missed Jetbrains IntelliJ in the list.
  5. Macromedia, JRun[ Go to top ]

    Did Macromedia make any announcements regarding the JRun application server?

    I'd like to know when JRun will support the J2EE 1.4 specification.
  6. Borland JBuilder 11 missing[ Go to top ]

    Borland JBuilder 11 is also missing from the list.

  7. Borland JBuilder 11 missing[ Go to top ]

    What's the purpose of this replay? Misleading of people or what? JBuilder 11 does not exist yet!
  8. Useless without URLs[ Go to top ]

    A listing like this is totally useless for me, unless URLs are supplied. It take far too much time to go through the list and use Google to find the company's/product's homepage.