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    hi All,

    I would like to support some additional services (than the container provided ones like transactions, security etc) declaratively. In my case, these services are business activity management and instance-based security and maybe more. For example, if I have a business activity management attribute for my method = "required" then I would like my application framework to start an "activity context" if not present already.

    What are the best practices / best existing frameworks that can help me do this? I would like not to use AOP for this project (if possible), because of strange company policies and the skill-set available at disposal.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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  2. Spring Framework

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    Spring Framework!!!
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    Thanks Sean and Matthew!

    I will do a study of Spring Framework as per your suggestion. I had a question if you can help: My guess was that Spring uses AOP to address these concerns (my post above). I am bit skeptical to use AOP on this project (for the reasons specified above). Are you guys trying to tell me that there was no cleaner EJB approach in the pre-AOP world to address these concerns? Spring Framework today may be the best approach but do I have alternatives at all?

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    I would like not to use AOP for this project (if possible), because of strange company policies and the skill-set available at disposal.Thanks for any suggestions.
    I missed that.

    I dont know of a better way to acomplish what you want than with AOP. This in one area where you may have to do some mentoring to get the team up to speed. But AOP will be a better thing to spend your time on that some vendor implementation.

    Spring also does a good job abstracting the fact that you are using AOP:)
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    Thanks again.

    I would like to know if Spring Framework can extend consistently from Portal layer to the EJB layer... what I mean is that my additional service (say, business activity management) should apply at the portals in the same way as it applies on EJBs. So, essentially, I am not only looking to extend only the EJB container provided services but also want to provide the same services at the Portal container level.
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    Which is the best approach to ramp up on Spring Framework apart from the website? Any recommendations on books?