EJB design: Would like to use Action to open new Window

  1. Would like to use Action to open new Window (2 messages)

    I have an application that generates a list of users. From this list I have the name of the user as a link to display detailed information about them. Can I do the same as a Javascript "window.open" so that I can open a smaller window without toolbars and at a specific size? I can't figure out how to do this. As a workaround I've done "target=_blank" but that's not exactly what I want. The target window will have to be generated from an action. My current link is built as follows:

    <html:link page="/getPersonDetail.do" target="cbnperson" paramId="pid" paramName="po" paramProperty="recuid">
    <bean:write name="po" property="compiledfullname" />

    Chris Smith
  2. This has what to do with EJB? Anyhow, you will need this javascript function.
        function openNewWindow(url)
          return false;
    Then your jsp would look like:
      <anchor href="#" onclick="return javascript:openNewWindow('/getPersonDetail.do?pid=<bean:write name="po" property="recuid" />')">
        <bean:write name="po" property="compiledfullname" />
    Good luck.
  3. Thanks,