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    Ever since Sun has been offering the Java Web Services Developer Pack for download, it has been popular. The Java WSDP is an integrated toolkit for developing, building, testing, and deploying web services, as well as web and XML-based applications. The newest version of Java WSDP, 1.4, contains the latest versions of Java and XML technologies.

    Read about the details in: The New Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.4 (Java WSDP 1.4)
  2. Sun added support for WS-I Attachment Profile 1.0

    Does Microsoft .NET support this standard yet?

    Web Services, Opaque Data, and the Attachments Problem


  3. The last time I tried a java web service client, to a visual basic web service server, I had to find a toolkit with DIME support to use SAAJ. AXIS had
    the DIME support, so I was able to transfer large files as SOAP attachments. So is DIME in or out? Do the standard J2EE web service packages interoperate with microsoft web services without DIME?
  4. Sun added support for WS-I Attachment Profile 1.0 Does Microsoft .NET support this standard yet?Web Services, Opaque Data, and the Attachments Problemhttp://msdn.microsoft.com/webservices/default.aspx?pull=/library/en-us/dnwebsrv/html/opaquedata.asp
    Sean, I've read through the link you gave above and the proposed MTOM standard seems to be the way to go. As I understand SwA will never be supported by MS in favor of MTOM (which to mee also seems to be a more well thought standard), and for me Web Services is *the* way to make interoperable services between the Java and .NET worlds. (I love interoperability :-)

    For the Java community, I'm worried though. The Java standards for Web Services seem to do some heavvy-focus on SwA only. Does this mean that we in the Java World have wait again in order to join the productive club? Or perhaps, are there already some Open Source initiatives out there, that will save the day for us Java-users in the same way that we have Spring and Pico et al to keep J2EE competitive to .NET, when the EJB-standard is dying by self suffication.

    Johan Strandler
    Smart Connexion AB
  5. Agile 2 supports MTOM[ Go to top ]

    Hi Johan,
    Axis2 supports MTOM.
    I recently did some study on the interoperability for Web Services with attachments. Because back in december 2004, I had to implement a streaming parses by myself for a project that required around 40 Web Services to be developed.
    Have a look at the following:

    Khurram Sardar
    Consultant, Object Consutling
  6. I meant Axis 2[ Go to top ]

    Sorry about the wrong title, I meant Axis 2
  7. I see that DIME is out, MIME multipart will be used for the, finally,
    interoperable solution by incorporating into MTOM. Any guess at a
    timeframe for a J2EE standard?