EJB programming & troubleshooting: creating a Datasource in websphere 5.1 app. ser. admin console ?

  1. I wnat to create a datasource using the admin console of the websphere 5.1 application server i am not able find the classes12.zip or ojdbc14.jar file where shell i get those files and what are the jar files i need to place in the classpath to properly access the datasource form a remote client
  2. Assuming you are on a windows machine and not trying to use the DB2 net driver, the classes12.zip should be in the c:\Program Files\SQLLIB\java12 directory. That is the default location for the app driver.
  3. I want to create a datasource for oracle connection pool but i am unble to locate the file.
  4. U can get classes12.zip or ojdbc14.jar files in

    ORA-HOME\jdbc\lib FOLDER
  5. i deployed an aplication on webspere 6.0 but i dont know the steps to configure my jdbc and data source. i am using websphare on window 2000 and db2 on window please help me out