News: IBM’s ZetaGrid uses J2EE to solve large computing-intensive prob

  1. ZetaGrid is a grid-computing platform for solving large, computing-intensive problems. The interactions, performance, availability, and scalability of this technology are proven in multiple administrative domains involving more than 10,000 computers in a heterogeneous, dynamic environment.

    ZetaGrid is also the first ever specification of simple J2EE interfaces to distribute secure and reliable applications in a cross platform Grid infrastructure.
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    "This technology provides developers with simple J2EE interfaces for adapting applications in multi-computer grids in order to distribute applications securely and reliably."

    "J2EE interfaces" must be part of the packages downloaded from the Sun website.
    I'm surprised IBM is marketing this product as J2EE. Otherwise the technology may be more complex and useful than an J2EE Application Server.