Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: why my jsp in struts except initial.jsp can't display direct?

  1. in my testing,i use the struts to builder my project.

    now,this project has been nearly accomplish.

    but,i find i can't go into any jsp except the initial.jsp direct.

    i think ,maybe in this project,the user is permitted to go into this project in the only door.

    but,now,i must log on one of other jsp.

    i need to your help.thanks for giving me advices.^_^
  2. Is this such a bad thing?[ Go to top ]

    Best practice within Struts is that you shoudl never access a JSP directly but always get there via a proxy Forward Action. However, that aside, it sounds like you've stored your .jsp files under /WEB-INF/ which in most containers will prevent direct running of the .JSP