News: ActiveSOAP: Pure StAX based SOAP 1.2 protocol implementation

  1. James Strachan must not sleep. He has now created ActiveSOAP, a new open source project, which is a pure StAX based implementation of the SOAP 1.2 protocol for implementing document centric Web Services and SOAP intermediaries. Currently HTTP and JMS are supported transports.
    The idea behind it is to implement the entire SOAP protocol in pure StAX for efficiency (e.g. the handling of headers, mustUnderstand, roles, relay behaviour and so forth), then allow the registration of specific handlers for specific headers (such as for WS-Routing, WS-RM etc) or to handle the SOAP body.
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  2. it seems that James is building an "Active" stack.

    keep on!
  3. I like. I will test it.
  4. I like. I will test it..V
    We're a little light on documentation as things are quite new, but here's an example of dispatching an XMLBeans based service, using a simple POJO, as either a REST or SOAP endpoint.


    The nice thing about the ActiveSOAP stack is its just as easy to publish services as pure REST endpoints (sending XML over HTTP or JMS) as it is over SOAP.

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