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    i'm new in this forum and also in j2ee material.
    I have a question about the following thing:

    When a application is written and deployed to a application server, which point of the application is the entry point. How is this defined? Where can I find answers on this kind of question?

    kind regards
  2. There is no pre-defined "entry" point. Sure there is stuff you can do in constructors, but the "entry" points are defined by the methods that the clients of your application/beans invoke. Which effectively means you should have a ready-to-use object, after doCreate() is called
  3. It mostly depends on how you've designed your application. If it has a Web interface (JSP/Servlets), the entry point could be any of your publicly accessible JSPs or servlets. If you want to have one and only one entry point, you can put your JSPs in a separate directory not accessible directly (such as WEB-INF/classes or make a WEB-INF/jsp directory), then have a servlet that dispatches requests to the different JSPs.

    Furthermore, you can use a framework such as Struts which will help you accomplish the above tasks.

    Hope this helps!!