Performance and scalability: Is there any simple and fast persistence engine written in java

  1. Hibernate is very good O/R mapping api for persistance, but it underly is SQL server. If I don't want this burden, and just want a simple and very fast file based persistance engine, what resource can I found ?
  2. What about Cocobase - I think they have both DB and File (xml) based persistance.

  3. Try HSQLDB[ Go to top ]

    HSQL DB is a very lightweight Java-based SQL engine.

    You can get more detail her:

    It definitely works with Hibernate...Hibernate, A Developer's Notebook uses it as the sample database.
  4. There is also ObjectStore PSE Pro Java, which has transparent persistence for Java objects. See http://www.objectstore.com/products/pse_pro/index.ssp for info.

    Disclaimer: I work for ObjectStore.