XML & Web services: Calling a web service from a stand alone java client

  1. Hi,

    I always tought that you can call a Web Service just by using its WSDL file. I need to do this now and based on the Sun tutorial (http://java.sun.com/webservices/docs/1.3/tutorial/doc/JAXRPC5.html), I have learned that there are three ways, stub, dynamic proxym and DII. My question is the following:

    - From the example, it seems like the dynamic proxy method also requires an application specific class that is used to call the method (in this example the class in question is dynamicproxy.HelloIF). How is this class created? Where/How can I get/build it for my test service? I tought that the point of this technique was that you don't need any pre-generated code and all you need is to point at the WSDL and service name.


  2. Hi,
    You have to create interfaces (dynamicproxy.HelloIF), not stubs, by using wscompile -tool with option -import not -gen:client. With DII you don't have to generate any code in advance.