General J2EE: How do I fit struts to my design spec taking UML into a/c

  1. Hi,
    Can anybody tell me how can I display or mention struts framework when I design my system (in both highlevel and application level) taking UMl design as the standard.
  2. Hi,

    to describe Struts parts within your UML models you should use a UML Profile (extension mechanism). The best way is to use an "agnostic" profile that is not strictly dedicated to Struts. The ideal profile is one that manages the underlying concepts of what you need to describe. The mapping between your model and Struts files can be done by a generator.

    An example of such profile and generator is provide by Mia-Software and can be found here :

  3. struts in uml represent how to[ Go to top ]


       Struts is using MVC Pattern. you say clearly what is your model, controller , view in you class diagram.