News: Sun releases HAT: The Java Heap Analysis Tool

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    HAT, the Java Heap Analysis Tool, has been released. HAT is a heap dump file for Java programs, and a tool to analyze these files. This tool can help you to debug an analyze the objects in a running Java program. It is particularly useful when debugging unintentional object retention. You can query a HAT server via your browser to get a visual view of the VM.

    The hat server can be valuable for debugging and understanding programs. It allows you to navigate object structures to learn how objects are interconnected in a program. It also allows you to trace the references to a given object from the rootset, which can be valuable for tracking down unnecessary object retention. We found the hat server to be a valuable debugging aid, and hope that you will, too.
    HAT -- The Java Heap Analysis Tool

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    I already have my own license of OptimizeIt, but it is nice to have other options. For those who can't afford to buy OptimizeIt or JProbe out of their own pocket, it's nice to have an alternative for tracking down object creation and memory leaks.
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    Sun also has another open source profiler call JFluid. See http://profiler.netbeans.org/index.html.

    Not speaking for Sun
  4. HP's JMeter[ Go to top ]

    HP's JMeter offers functionality for analyzing heap dump files too. Very helpful for finding unintentional object retention, if verbose:gc doesn`t help you anymore.
  5. HP's JMeter[ Go to top ]

    HP Jmeter ? Did you NOT mean HpJTune ?

  6. HP's JMeter[ Go to top ]

    HP Jmeter ? Did you NOT mean HpJTune ?BR,~A
    HP offers two tools: